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To all of you
About the content:
I've been teaching for many years and I've never found the reading texts in the course books interesting. I thought that if you chose a topic you liked, you would be interested in reading about that and that searching information from different sources would face you with different kinds of writing, -varied styles, varied vocabulary.

One of the complaints I heard in class was that it was too long; maybe you are right. However, my intention was to emphasize that first you had to research, take notes, get a general idea and only then write a report. That's why you had to follow so many steps, and you got grades for each of those steps.

Wikis are collaborative tools. As they allow different people to edit, it's easy to do a group work without having to meet face to face. They also allow to see the process. I considered these two facts might be of help. On the one hand, it was not necessary for you to spend time meeting your partners. On the other, you can now look back and see what you did and learn something from that.

Japanese Cinema

Assignment 1

You are doing to write an article about one of your classmates. (about 200 words)
Your writing has to be ready by April 4th. On March 19th and 29th I'll visit your pages to make suggestions. I'll use the discussion page for that.

Other things to do


  • Copy and paste these tags:
upper_intermediate, about_classmates, pair_collaboration, group10_08
  • Visit the page that is about you. Use the discussion page to provide more information, make suggestions, etc.
  • After you have finished, write your reflections on your work in your personal page.

Click here to see how you will be graded.

Assignment 2

Jobs. Time to workImagine it's 2014. What are you doing? What are your plans?
One of your plans is to get a job in a foreign country. (Sorry for interfering with your plans, actually it's Headway that is directing your future)
Here you'll find job offers. Of course you can use any other website for your search.
Choose one job the person you imagine you are might be interested in.

How to start:
Go to your personal page. Click "Edit".
You're going to create a new page.
Highlight Assignment 2.
Click "Insert link" in the Editor.
This window will open:

Page Name: cv+yourname+10
Click OK. You have created a new page.
Assignment 2 will be red. That's because you haven't edited the page yet. When you start editing it it will turn blue.
If you have problems post your questions in the google group. I'm sure your classmates will be ready to help you. But it's easier to do than to explain.

Keep this in mind, you'll need it later on: To link to any other webpage, click "External Link" and paste the url there.

Things to do
  1. Tell us about your imaginary you.
  2. State your reasons for choosing that job. Include a hyper link to the job description. (How to do this is explained above)
  3. Write your CV.
  4. Write a cover letter.

  1. Find a partner to help you with the language/Find a partner to provide language help. Use the discussion page for this.
  2. Tags:upper_intermediate, jobs, pair_collaboration, group10_08
  3. Remember to write your reflections under Assignment 2 in your personal page.

Write 1 and 2 using informal language. Remember that informal language is not chaotic, it still follows certain rules. (200 words)
3 and 4 should be formal. Just follow the model in the book, use the layout and the language suggested there. Keep it short and concise. Avoid unnecessary details or explanations.

Everything has to be ready by April 22nd.

Extra Practice

How to Edit