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Questions on the Story


Olham said ‘this ball of clay’, what did he mean?
He refears to the Earth. Jaime.
What was ‘the news machine’? What was Olham’s opinion about it?
The news machines were the machine that reported the news.
He though that the news machine altered the information.
The news machines were the machine that reported the news. Martin
He though that the machines make it appear the Outspacers are right on top of their. Martín
Where would he like to go? Why? Why couldn’t they go there? What was strange about the incident?
He would like to go to Sutton Wood, because he was very tired, but he could't go because there was a fire.
The strange thing about the accident was that nobady tried to find the cause.
He would like to go to camping at Sutton Wood. They couldn't go there because was burned. Martin
The strange is that it was some kind of flash fire. Martin
Who was attacking the Earth? How had they stopped the attacks? Had this stopped the war?
Outspacers. They stopped the atacks whit the protect-bubble. No. Martin
Was Olham directly involved in the wr? What project was he working on?
No. He was working in a project. A weapon. Martin
What is the Sword of Damocles?
The sword of Damocles is like a threat.
The Sword of Damocles is an expression used to refer an inminent danger in a situation. Jaime


What was a ‘bug’?
There was a mains of transport. I think that was similar to a car.
Who picked him up? Was he alone? Who was the other man?
Nelson. No, he was with Major Peters
What did Olham say about the war?
Olham said that he was tired of the war and that everything look sad but that mayby the war was the propaganda from "the news machine". Ariel
Did Peters work for the Project?
No, he didn't. Ana
Peters didn't work for the project but he know about it. Ariel
Did Olham notice anything strange?
Yes. Olham noticed that a look passed between Peters and Nelson. Ariel


What was Peters’s job?
Peters's work was with FSA, the security Organ, with the government.
Why was he in the car?
He was in a car. because he wanted to arrest Olham.
Why were Nelson’s hands trembling?
Nelson's hands were trembling because he was be traying his friend Olham. Ariel
What did Nelson want to do?
Nelson wanted to kill Olham quickly. Ariel.
What was Olham accused of?
Olham was accussed of being an outspace spy. Ariel
Who did Peters talk to? What kind of danger did they talk about? Which chances? Which risk?
Peters talked to his chief. They were talking about a chance of danger but not too much because Olham needed a verbal key phrase to active the U-bomb. Peters and Nelson had to take the risk. Ariel
What is a ‘verbal key phrase’?
The ‘verbal key phrase’ is a key for activating the U-bomb. Ariel
Did Olham understand the situation?
No, he didn't
Why were they afraid of him?
I think that they were afraid of him because Olham had a very dangerous bomb in his body. Ariel


Why did Peters touch Olham?
Because Peters thought that Olham was a robot. Ariel
Where were they going? What for?
They were going to the Moon base for disassembling Olham. Ariel
What had passed through the protecbubble? What was it carrying? What was its objective? What was inside it? How could it explode?
An Outspace Ship had penetrated the protec bubble. The ship was carring a spy (a humanoid robot) whose objetive was to destroy a particular human being (Olham) and take his place. Inside the humanoid, there was a U-bomb whick would be activated with a verbal key phrase. Ariel
Who would the robot pretend to be?
the robot would pretend to be the person that he had kill
What did Olham mean when he said ‘But I’m Olham’?
he said "But I am Olham" because he wasn't a robot


How long ago was the robot released form the ship? When and how did the substitution take place?
Eight days ago, in the hills when Olham went for a short walk.
Probably eight days ago. The substitution was probably accomplished over de last weekend, when Olham went for a short walk in the hills. Ariel
How did Olham try to convince Nelson?
Olham started to tell Nelson moments in their primary school for trying to convince Nelson that he wasn't a robot and he was the real Olham. Ariel
What did Olham suggest doing in order to prove he is the real one?
He suggessted a neurological study
Olham suggested to take him back to Earth, do an X-ray examination and also do a neurological study. Ariel


What special features did the robot have?
The robot had an artificial memory system, false recall, had his memories, his thoughts and interests.
Why were they taking him to the moon?
Becouse, he had a bomb
They were taking him to the moon because they can disassemble him and if the bomb explode, in the moon will be not a matter. Ariel
What did Olham think would happen when they broke him apart? When would they realise their mistake?
Olham thought that when they broke him apart, they would find the bomb. They would realised their mistake once he had been killed. Ariel
What did Olham beg them to do?
He begged to bring a doctor to prove that he were Olham. Ariel

What they have to wear to leave the ship? Why?
The had to wear pressure suits, because in the moon there isn't oxigen
Did they think Olham needed it? Why? Did Olham think he needed it? Why?
They thought that Olham didn't need a pressure suit because a robot didn't need oxigen but Olham thought he needed it because he was a human. Ariel
What would happen to Olham as soon as they opened the door?
Olham would die as soon as they opened the door because Olham needed oxigen. Ariel
Why did he think they would sacrifice him?
He thought that they would kill him because they were afraid of him. Ariel
Did he blame or justify Nelson?
Olham justified Nelson. Ariel


Why did Olham tell them to open the door?
because he wanted to pretend he was a robot
Why did they have 15 seconds to run?
Becouse, the bomb would explode.
Because Olham invented that he was a robot and they had fifteen second before exploding the bomb. Ariel
What did Peters and Nelson do?
Peters and Nelson started to run in all directions.
What did Olham do? Why did he close the door immediately?
Olham entered into the ship and closed the door immediately because if he close the door, the ship will have oxigen and Olham needed oxigen. Ariel
Where (ariel: no sería "WHAT did he do?"?) did he do?
He got the control board and rushed up the ship. Ariel
What did he hope?
He hoped that his wife believed and trusted him because he needed her help. Ariel


Who did he call?
He called Mary
He called his wife Mary. Ariel
Why did he have to speak fast?
He had to speak fast because Nelson and Peters may break that call off
What did he tell his wife to do?
He told his wife to go to the projects grounds and guet Dr. Chamberlein or any doctor. He also told his wife that the doctor had to take equipment such us X-ray and fluoroscope. Ariel
Why was he afraid to go into the house?
Olham was afraid to go into the hous because maybe he was moving into a trap.Ariel
What was strange when he got near the house?
Everything was very quiet, there wasn't any sound or movement of any kind. Ariel
Did he open the door? What did he do? Why?
No, he didn't. As the house was to quiet he decided to ring the bell. Ariel
‘As soon as he saw her face he knew.’ What did he know?
He know that it was a trap. Ariel
What happened as soon as he ran away?
Security officers were following him.Ariel
What did he try to get at?
He tried to get to the ship and scape.Ariel
Who was in the ship?
Peters was in the ship.Ariel
Did Peters think Olham had a chance to escape? Why?
No, he didn't. Because there were security men all around him and the place was being searched inch by inch.Ariel
What did Olham think that had happened to the robot and its ship?
He thought that the ship had crushed and broken up and that inside the ship the robot had been destroyed. Ariel
What did he remember? Why did he go there?
He remembered where the accident had happened (Sutton Wood). He went there to find the remains of the ship and robot. Ariel


Why was it easy for him to find the place?
Because he had climbed Sudden Wood many times when he was younger, so it was a place he knew very well. Ariel
Were the men near him?
Yes, He could hear them talking in a low voice. Ariel
What would Nelson do if he found him?
Nelson would kill Olham
Who found him?
Peters found him. Ariel
Did Peters believe him?
Yes, he believed olham. Ariel
When the men were searching for the remains of the ship, which two possibilities worried Olham?
The two possibilities that worried Olham were: Ariel
1- That the robot had lived long enough to wonder away. Ariel
2- That the body had been completely destroyed or burned to ashes. Ariel
What did the men find?
The men found a neddle-ship and a body beside it. Ariel
What was the condition of the body?
The body was bent and twisted into a strange shape. The arms and legs were flung off in all direction. The mouth was open and the eyes stared glassily. Ariel
What did Peters think it was?
Peters thought that the body was a machine thats run down. Ariel
What did he see in the body? What did everyone imagine it was?
Peters saw an object made of metal. Everyone imagined that the object was the U-Bomb. Ariel
What did Nelson do?
Nelson took the piece of metal from the corpse, he discovered that it was a knife. He concluded that his friend had been killed with that knife. Ariel