The Internet (10 to 20/9)

What do you use the Internet for?
Remember: you are writing for readers, this is not only a school assignment; Try to engage your readers, use colours, bold, i.e. edit your post to draw attention on what is more important.
Include a photo, remember the rules about images. Have a look at the slides, (I can see the stats, so I know you're not viewing them).

Graffiti/Street Art 17/9 to 21/9

Find or take a photo of a graffiti you like in Buenos Aires.
Explain why you like it and say where it is.
Write a question to encourage reader to post a comment.

Places 29/8 to 8/9

Choose one of these two topics:


  • Write an account of your trip.
  • Look for a good website with information about it in English and link it to your post.
  • Upload a photo (no faces)

Buenos Aires

  • Choose a place you love in Buenos Aires.
  • Write a short description
  • Look for a good website with information about it in English and link it to your post.
  • Look for a picture in flickr or go for a walk and take your own photo! Read the guide

Introduce yourself 1/8 to 15/8

  • Write a short profile to introduce yourself.
  • Remember that people from different countries will read you. Keep that in mind when you write.
  • Say anything you want about yourself, but remember NOT to give information that can make you reachable.
  • Check the spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • You can write on a word doc. and copy and paste it on the blogger editor.


You can post your articles directly or you can send them to me within the first 5 days of the scheduled time.

ASSESSMENT (updated 29/8)

See your marks here.
How your writings will be assessed (this may change with the experience):


schedule 0 2
meaningful content 0 1 2 3
appealing organization 0 1 2 3
conversation provoking 0 1 2 3
appropriate grammar 0 1 2 3
appropriate vocabulary 0 1 2 3
adding up to conversation 0 1 2 3
TOTAL 0-20


schedule: 2 points if published within the scheduled time
meaningful content: if what you are saying has some meanig7content or it's just blahblah
appealing organization: Use of colour, fonts, links and pictures. Whenever its meaningful.
conversation provoking: you are writing to readers, are they likely to get involved?
appropriate grammar you know what this is
appropriate vocabulary you also know
adding up to conversation: does your comment continue the conversation?
TOTAL 0-20