Introduce yourself

  • Write a short profile to introduce yourself.
  • Remember that people from different countries will read you. Keep that in mind when you write.
  • Say anything you want about yourself, but remember NOT to give information that can make you reachable.
  • Check the spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • You can write on a word doc. and copy and paste it on the blogger editor.

Write about Buenos Aires

  • Choose a place you love in Buenos Aires.
  • Write a short description
  • Look for a good website with information about it in English and link it to your post.
  • Look for a picture in flickr or go for a walk and take your own photo!

If only...

  • Post the if only list you wrote in class.
  • Choose a picture to illustrate on of your wishes. (If you use a photo from flickr read the guide

The Internet (NEW)

What do you use the Internet for?
Remember: you are writing for readers, this is not only a school assignment; Try to engage your readers, use colours, bold, i.e. edit your post to draw attention on what is more important.
Include a photo, remember the rules about images. Have a look at the slides, (I can see the stats, so I know you're not viewing them).