Dracula. Teens 4 version

When I first told my parents about the invitation to castle Dracula, they didn't believe me. It was an interesting trip to Transylvania and I wanted to investigate the castle. I was very excited. For one week I spent the nights researching about this famous castle in old books and Internet, but I couldnĀ“t find almost anything. I only found something about someone called Orlando who discovered that a vampire lived there. I called my friends and I asked them if they wanted to go with me. They said, "Yes of course".
On Monday morning we arrived in Transylvania, we travelled by train. The trip was long, two days. When I arrived I was very surprised. My friends were scared. The castle was very strange , but my friends and I wanted to investigate it. What terrible things and adventures were waiting for us at castle Dracula? I decided to enter into the castle but it was very dificult. It was a very weird, quiet and black castle. It was night so we decided to search it in the morning.
The next day we got up very early and went to the castle. We knocked the door a few times but nobody answered, finally we entered. Everything was very quiet so we thought nobody lived there. We went to the living room and we saw a man sitting on a chair listening to the radio. We told him about our trip and he invited us to stay with him. He told us a that his name was Dracula and he lived in a castle far away from the city because people thought he was a vampire and they were afraid of him. He also told us the real story:
' When I was a young man, I fell inlove with a beautiful lady called Caroline Witch. We were very happy together but one day she told me her deepest secret. She was a witch! But I don't want to speak about that', he said.
He invited us to drink something, but we didn't want to drink that because it was a srange "red water" and we refused. He told us it was wine and we didn't want to drink alcohol so he gave us some water and something really delicious to eat. We asked him to continue the story but he said he was very tired and went to sleep.
The next morning Dracula wasn't in the castle. We spent all the day talking about witches and some strange stories. When we saw the time, it was 10:00 pm, and Dracula hadn't come back. Where was he? Suddenly Dracula appeared through the window. His face looked very pale and strange. We were scared. We asked him, 'Do you feel good, Count Dracula?'. He answered, 'Oh,yes. Very good this night.' We noticed that one of our friends in the group had two red marks on the throat. We asked him if it was a joke. He told us that he hadn't noticed the two red marks. Before we went to sleep, we passed next to the library, and we went in. We read all the books about vampires. We were very scared. Who had made those two marks? Was it Dracula? What would happen to our dear friend?
The next morning Dracula spent all the day with us. So we realised he wasn't a vampire because vampires sleep all day long. At night we told him about the red marks and asked him to tell us what he knew about vampires. He told us everything he knew about them and what to do to help our friend. He also told us that he was a "vampire hunter" and that the night before he was very happy because he had killed one. We told him to tell us the story about the witch and he agreed.
' When she told me she was a witch I got scared and I was very young so I escaped. She got mad so she started to search me and she turned all my friends into vampires.'

.http://www.writers-circle.com/node/318 (This is the link to the site I took the prompt from)




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